Where The Song Was Left 

The Irish tradition of Sean Nós (old style) singing is a highly individual, unaccompanied performance of a singer’s interpretation of a traditional song.

In this work, I mined aspects of that tradition visually, and these images form part of an ongoing project made to ‘sing’ an understanding of the UAE into existence.

If the singer has interpreted the soul of the song correctly, any listener should
be able to return to the original performance space and find ‘where the song
was left’.

The images are unaccompanied - uninhabited by living form - in the same way that the singer is unaccompanied by instrumentation in their singing.

The performer has retreated, leaving only trace elements of the soul of the song behind in the images where it can later be found again. The work was exhibited in part in Vantage Point 6, Sharjah Art Foundation.

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